Department of Dari

This department is determined that due to the growth and development of this part of the country’s national language, an elite cadre of professional expert in the field of literature and graduate education in the bachelor’s side door. Always trying to be the best methods and procedures under the supervision of experienced instructors in graduate […]

Department History

Since that date political, economic and social and cultural affairs arena past the news. Undoubtedly attention to this section on a bunch Aznkhbh Aware is a graduate of the Department is determined according Tankhbh of the community and submission specialist training in this field.
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Mathematics Department

Mathematical natural science is an essential part of the field is always the professional cadres expert is necessary. Math department faculty aforementioned training mission that this box is to be submitted to the Education Supreme Education Graduate Institute of Maiwand always tries to make the best offer.

Department of Islamic Education

Islam is a comprehensive religion and complete the basic concepts of Islam Brahmanism need to be aware of thoughts live in accordance with the following mission concepts will best bring these ideas back. Kraft knowledgeable experts in the field, according to the Department in accordance with the best experts, thinkers, scholars and teachers trained authoritative […]