Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering

What is Computer Engineering? “Computer Engineering spans a wide range, from its theoretical and algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge developments in robotics, computer vision, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, and other exciting areas. We can think of the work of computer engineering as falling into three categories.

  • They design and implement Hardware.
  • They devise new ways to use computers.
  • They develop effective ways to solve computing problems.

B.S. in Computer Engineering:

B.S. in Computer engineering involves modeling, design, implementation, testing, evaluation and integration of computer hardware and software to create computing systems. Computer engineers use both hardware concepts from electrical engineering and system software concepts from computer science. Graduates will be well prepared to work in areas such as digital logic design, computer organization/architecture and design, algorithm design and analysis, compilers, and operating systems. Elective options in the curriculum offer preparation in software engineering, databases and networking. The department of Computer Engineering covers the following program.


BCE (Bachelor of Computer Engineering) is a four year degree program offered by the Department of Computer Engineering. Major details of the program are mentioned below.

Admission Requirements

Higher Secondary School Certificate

Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the BCE degree is required to successfully earn 153 credit hours (Cr. Hrs.) as per the following detail: