Department of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

Information Technology spans a wide range, from its theoretical and algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge developments in robotics, computer vision, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, and other exciting areas.

  • They design and implement Software.
  • They devise new ways to use computers.
  • They develop effective ways to solve computing problems.

B.S. in Information Technology:

Information Technology, a discipline which is now widely recognized as an essential source of tools and techniques for advancements in nearly all spheres of human endeavors. In the span of just a few decades computer science based systems, principles and techniques have pervaded modern society. People from all sectors depend on critical applications developed in this field. The aim of our accredited four year BIT programme is to enable students to acquire specialized scientific knowledge, as well as to provide a basis for their personal and social development. The faculty members supporting our program are experienced and highly qualified which provides an excellent environment for learning and research. Information Technology is indeed rapidly growing field with a wide range of job opportunities. It is an ideal program of study for anyone who enjoys problem solving. Wishing you every success in your studies and a rewarding and enjoyable time at MIHE.


BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology) is a four year degree program offered by the Department of Information Technology. Major details of the program are mentioned below.

Admission Requirements

Higher Secondary School Certificate

Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the BIT degree is required to successfully earn 152 credit hours (Cr. Hrs.) as per the following detail: