Faculty of Computer Sciences

You are now a privileged student of the prestigious Faculty of Computer Sciences in this esteemed Institute of Higher Education. As your Dean, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you at this important juncture of your lives, where you take a decisive step towards your future. The Faculty of Computer Sciences provides students with a strong foundation in the theory, practical, development, and application of computing technologies. Our faculty programs provide the knowledge and skills for students to become successful professionals, leaders and innovators.

The Faculty aims at producing computer professionals who can meet the challenges of modern trends in the field of Information Technology and related disciplines. To achieve this objective, we have a team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members. We believe that academic excellence is not possible without a quality research environment. High emphasis is, therefore, placed on research. In addition to providing strong theoretical foundations, our academic programs also place due emphasis on the applied aspects of the disciplines. The Faculty continuously revises its curricula, enhances its different academic units by assessing their needs for equipment and research facilities, and concentrates on recruiting and maintaining prominent faculty in all professorial ranks.

The Faculty comprises of three departments, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Information Technology. Department of Computer Science and Department of Computer Engineering offer BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science) and BCE (Bachelor of Computer Engineering) programs with different specializations, whereas the Department of Information Technology offers BIT(Bachelor of Information Technology). There is only one certainty in technology: continuous change. We prepare our students to embrace this change and to become leaders in the design and implementation of new technology that will benefit all of us, as we work together to fashion a prosperous and sustainable beloved country. We hope you will consider joining the Faculty of Computer Sciences of Maiwand Institute of Higher Education.