Administration Department

In order to maintain a peaceful and academic environment MIHE enforces discipline with free will. Our administration department utilizes the available resources in full capacity to maintain a system at MIHE and it does not intend to allow any deviation or systemic error in the procedures developed for performing activities. Classes begin on time and the instructors enter and leave the class rooms according to their schedules. Exams are conducted in a timely manner and the students follow a discipline, which is a mandatory part of the process of a student obtaining the Diploma and/or Degree. For Female students separate rooms have been allocated where they can sit, talk and spend their break time. MIHE has made special arrangements for female students concerning toilets and related facilities. Female toilets are separate and are located inside the MIHE Campus at a place reserved for females’ students only.Male students attending MIHE have separate toilets and related facilities. MIHE has established an open and airy Masjid for its students where students can offer their prayers at specified timings. All the classes are checked on a regularly basis and they are cleaned before the arrival of the students. Notice boards are used to inform or instruct students about various activities and rules are amended from time to time.

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