Admission procedure

Those students who are interested to seek admissions at MIHE will need to go through the process for getting admissions at the requested program. Students need to produce photocopies of the required documents along with the admission form, and submit them on or before the last date of admission. The following documents need to be submitted:

  1. Four Pictures
  2. Admission Form (duly filled)
  3. Twelfth Grade Schooling Certificate (Shahadat Nama) for admission in Bachelor Program
  4. Tenth/Twelve Grade Schooling Certificate for Diploma Program
  5. Original document/s of citizenship of Afghanistan (Tazkira/Passport)
  6. School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from the last school attended (Optional)
  7. All the certificates of professional achievements and any additional qualifications, if any (Recommended)
  8. Twelfth Grade Equivalency Certificate of Education from Ministry of Education (in case of foreign students)
  9. Approval and verification from the Ministry of Education (in case of local students)
  10. Passing  the Entry Test Exam.
  11. Curriculum Vitae (including regular mail & Contact Number)
  • After the submission of all the necessary documents, the prospective student will be informed about the exact date of the Entry Test.
  • Once the student passes the Entry Test, his/her respective documents will be sent to the Examination Committee for a final review.
  • After analyzing and making necessary comments on the undergraduate student’s documents by the Examination Committee, the documents will be sent to the Admissions Office for final approval.
  • Once the admission is approved, the student will be given a call to deposit the Admission fee and other charges.

Admission criteria

  • Completion of ten years of schooling for Diploma program, twelve years of schooling for Bachelor Program, and Four  years of Bachelor for Master program
  • Provision of all the required documents as stated above in the admission procedure of MIHE
  • Passing of Entry Test with a score of at least 40 out of 100 for degree programs/ qualifying the interview for non-degree programs/(short) courses.

For Students who completed their education in Afghanistan

Those students who have completed their education in Afghanistan should get their Twelfth  Grade Certificate from the Ministry of Education (MoE).

  1. In case the Ministry of Education (MoE) has not issued  of admission the Twelve Grade Certificate till the time of admission, the  student is liable to submit a written request to the Vice Chancellor regarding the unavailability of the respective certificate . After which a letter will be written to Ministry of Education (MoE) for confirmation of the student’s particulars. Once the MoE responds by confirming the documents of the student, he/she may be given a conditional admission.
  2. In the absence of such confirmation by the Ministry of Education (MoE), the student’s admission shall be deemed as cancelled. And the student shall be asked to verify and ensure submission of complete documents in all respect.

 Students who completed their education in a foreign country must provide the following:

  • Academic documents duly attested by Ministry of (Higher) Education in the relevant country.
  • Academic documents duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where they received their education.
  • Academic  documents duly attested by the Council General Office of Afghanistan
  • Attested documents  by the Embassy of  Afghanistan in the country where they received their education.
  • An Equivalency Certificate of education from Foreign Affairs & Ministry of (Higher) Education/Ministry of Education (MoE) in  Afghanistan.
  • All the documents  including an Equivalency Certificate of Education received from MoHE/MoE.

Migration Admission Cases (Bachelors Programs)

Those students who intend to get admission in the Bachelor Programs (within the relevant disciplines) and those who completed one or two semesters in other Universities or Higher Education Institutes are required to follow the procedure mentioned below;

  1. They will have to appear in the Entry Test (that can be exempted by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor).
  2. The migrating student needs to pass the Mid-Term Exams and Terminal Exams of various subjects that are not covered by the student in the previous semesters.
  3. The student will provide an undertaking that he/she will have to go through a number of chances and shall pass the respective subjects before completion of the program. In case of non fulfillment of the necessary requirements as laid down by the Regulations Committee of the Institute the Institute reserves the right to terminate the admission of the student without prior notice.
  4. The student will write the application to the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) stating his interest and desire to get admission in the MIHE. The Ministry will then request the Institute/University (from where the student is interested to migrate) and will desire their allowance. After getting the respective approval from the University/Institute the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) will write a letter to the MIHE Institute of Higher Studies for acceptance of the student. Once the approval is sought then the students’ record will be transferred to the MIHE Institute of higher Studies.

Diploma Students Migration Cases

Diploma students from both MIHE and other universities can only convert to a Diploma program of MIHE in the relevant program, and not to a Bachelor programme. If interested, the student can also be admitted as a fresh student to a new (degree) program.

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