Chancellor’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome our prospective students to MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies, an innovative and most prestigious Institute which has been founded and nurtured by far-sighted and devoted founders, envisioned to excel thereby leading to educating and national development.
MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies offers a modern blend of Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Computer Science, Bachelor in Law, Bachelor in Political Science, Bachelor in Mass Communication, Diploma in English language and Diploma in Information Technology to meet the needs and challenges of modern world. MAIWAND intends to widen the range of disciplines in near future. The curricula is designed according to the market requirements and taught by trained and highly qualified faculty to enable the students to compete in the modern job market. We are determined to add Master and M.Phil programs which are deemed to enhance the quality of education and services provided in our prestigious institute. We are proud to share that our well- directed efforts have materialized in ongoing professional development; following interactive,  student centered, process based approaches of teaching/ learning; developing abilities of critical thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities; making education accessible by opening doors further through merit and need based scholarships through establishment  of  Student Scholarship Fund (SSF) enabling underprivileged and disadvantaged students to get higher education. Furthermore, the establishment of Job Placement Center (JPC) and Counseling Service Center (CSC) has further ensured the bright future of the students. Thank you for placing your trust in us and we assure you that together we will play our part to add new generations of educated, motivated and skilled young lot with qualities of leadership, humanity, and excellence.

At the end, I would simply ask you all if you are ready to stand up and be counted towards the realization of your dreams through MAIWAND’s  vision. If so, step in and make Afghanistan a better place to live in. We all know that society today is in turmoil and we must not forget that progress rarely happens without sacrifice and dedication. So,

“Be glorious and dazzling like the Sun, remove all vices and dispel darkness from the world within and without”.

Abdul Razaq Hashimi


MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies, Kabul, Afghanistan