Examination department is the core organ of MIHE and has gone through a restructuring process and is now successfully adopting the new and improved standards of conducting the exams at MIHE. The Examination department has two sections that include an exam section and secrecy section. The exam section handles and conducts the examinations, and the secrecy section deals with the secrecy of the papers and the Detailed Marks Certificates (DMCs) as well Transcripts issued to students upon requests.Examinations are conducted according to the examination calendar (displayed in the Examination Department for open public and students of MIHE) and both mid term and terminal exams are conducted in a specific manner. Mid term exams are conducted once in a semester. Terminal exams are next and are then followed by a complementary exam.  Students obtaining comparatively lower marks can attempt the complementary exams and try to improve their marks. Students absent from the Term Exam due to genuine reasons can also appear in the Complementary Exams.MIHE uses examination grades as specified by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). Moreover the Exam structure consists of Mid Term, Terminal Exam and Assignments and/or Quizzes that are taken by the Instructors during the semester and from time to time.Mid Term Exam = 20%Terminal Exam = 60%

Assignments/Quizzes = 20%

Students require at least 55% of their Subject wise attendance and the same in Semester on average to be promoted to the next semester and to be allowed to sit in the examinations. Further in order to pass a paper a student need to obtain at least 55% marks in a paper to be considered as Pass in that subject where as he/she needs to obtain at least 60% marks in the whole semester subjects on average to be considered as Promoted for the next semester.

For further information please contact the examination department by email: exams@maiwnad.edu.af