Faculty of Computer Sciences

You are now a privileged student of the prestigious Faculty of Computer Sciences in this esteemed Institute of Higher Education. As your Dean, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you at this important juncture of your lives, where you take a decisive step towards your future. The Faculty of Computer Sciences provides students with a strong foundation in the theory, practical, development, and application of computing technologies. Our faculty programs provide the knowledge and skills for students to become successful professionals, leaders and innovators


Our vision is to obtain underlying knew regionalization to computer science faculty leader in computer technics. Explores talent in students to establishment of a digital society.


Our mission is to reach excels in current technology from theoretical experiments, implement of research culture and generated of graduating student with strong moral according Afghani culture.

The Faculty aims at producing computer professionals who can meet the challenges of modern trends in the field of Information Technology and related disciplines. To achieve this objective, we have a team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty members. We believe that academic excellence is not possible without a quality research environment. High emphasis is, therefore, placed on research. 

Departments Network & Database

Faculty of Computer Sciences
Department of Network and Database of Study
Bachelor of Computer Sciences

BCS 1st Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS101 Islamic Studies-I 1
CS109 Elementary English 2
CS113 History of Afghanistan 2
CS209 General Physics and Electronics 3
CS210 General Mathematics 3
CS215 Introduction to Computing 4
CS401 Programming-I 3
CS201 Practical IT-1 (MS-Office) 1
Total 19
BCS 2nd Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS102 Islamic Studies-II 1
CS110 English Reading Comprehension 2
CS211 Discrete Mathematics 3
CS213 Networks Basics 4
CS214 Digital Logic and Design 3
CS402 Programming-II 3
CS202 Practical IT-2 (Hardware 1
Total 17
BCS 3rd Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS103 Islamic Studies-III 1
CS111 English Writing Composition 2
CS403 Object Oriented Programming in Java 3
CS404 Database-I 3
CS212 Probability and Statistics 3
CS405 Web Designing 2
CS412 Network Protocols 3
CS203 Practical IT-3 (Basic 1
Total 18
BCS 4th Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS104 Islamic Studies-IV                                                1
CS408 Advanced Java Programming 3
CS408 Data Structures & Algorithms 3
CS409 Data Base-II 3
CS430 Software engineering 3
CS411 Desktop Application 2
CS418 Network Admiration 3
CS204 Practical IT-4 (SQL Server) 1
Total 19
BCS 5th Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS105 Islamic Studies-V 1
CS415 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
CS414 Telecommunication 3
CS415 Operating Systems-1 3
CS426 Computer Architecture 3
CS427 Network Design 3
CS205 Practical IT-5 (PHP & MySQL) 1
Total 17
BCS 6th Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS106 Islamic Studies-VI 1
CS419 Network Security 3
CS432 (Advanced  Computer Network-1) 3
CS420 Operating System-2 3
CS421 Accounting 3
CS422 Artificial Intelligence 3
CS301 Class Project / Research Work-1 2
CS206 Practical IT-6 (Linux Shell Scripting) 1
Total 19
BCS 7th Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS107 Islamic Studies-VII 1
CS423 E-Commerce 3
CS424 Software Project Management 3
CS425 Management Information System 3
CS501 Network Security 2
CS502 Advanced  Computer Network-2 3
CS302 Class Project / Research Work -2 2
CS207 Practical IT-7 Routing 1
Total 19
BCS 8th Semester
Course No. Course Titles Cr. Hours
CS108 Islamic Studies-VIII 1
CS503 IT Resource Management 3
CS504 Cryptography 3
CS505 Wireless Networks 3
CS303 Final Thesis/Project 8
CS208 Practical IT-8 Switching 1
Total 19