Finance Department

Being one of the most professional departments, seconding to the office of the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, the department of finance is run and managed by qualified and experienced staff members. Like other educational institutes Finance department at MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies plays a vital role when it comes to coordination, support and providing an on time response to the rest of the departments. Handling day to day finances and managing those activities on a regular basis are some of the major roles that finance department plays. Apart form the aforementioned activities finance department clarifies various financial issues and devises policies related to the financial matters.

Some of the guidelines that finance department keep on intimating to the students of MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies on a regular basis are mentioned below;

1  All the students of MAIWAND must start depositing their monthly/semester fee with in the first ten days of the months.  * For example from 1st of July till 10th of July.
 2  The students must clear their monthly/semester dues before commencement of the examinations otherwise they will not receive their finance clearance slips from the finance department which will result in their inability to appear in examination.
 3  The students should not delay in depositing their monthly/semester fee as they can become overloaded with the fee.
 4  The students should keep all of their monthly/semester finance clearance slips of the previous months (if any) with them in case they need them for future reference.
 5  The students should deposit respective fee for obtaining their official Student ID Card. Forms can be obtained form the finance department during office hours.










Note: For any financial query contact the person/s in the finance department at MIHE .


Finance Manager

MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies,Kabul Afghanistan