Founder’s Message

The pursuit of knowledge and understanding has constantly propelled our journey towards self- betterment and the betterment of the humanity. While embarking on this pursuit, one should constantly strive to develop knowledge and understanding of other disciplines, other cultures, other times and of course oneself.

Some twenty years ago, I made a promise of intent to myself that one day; I would establish a university to provide opportunities to bright students from the  underprivileged and the disadvantaged background of my homeland Afghanistan to receive higher education and become useful, productive and caring members of the society. I wanted to do this because of my own background and experience, having come from a middle class and disadvantaged family. Islam teaches us that as ordinary mortals, we must place our faith in Allah; do what He sanctions and avoid what He forbids. This dream of mine is my principle of life to practice Islam as a Way of Life, and by His Grace, I am now able to fulfill my promise.

MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies is my Educational plan which I devote to bright and disadvantaged students of good character irrespective of races, tribes, colors or creeds. However, I want to stress that MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies is not an Institute only, but I want this institute to transform into a well-recognized research university, where standards will be internationally bench marked, where staff and students are international in composition, and where the curriculum reflects international characteristics, needs and relevance.

My hope is to see all the students of MAIWAND, not only as competent professionals, but they are also instilled with moral, ethical and religious values characterized by positive thinking; highly self-disciplined; caring and passionate to serve humanity. At MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies students will be encouraged to share inspirations, grow in ways which has never been imagined and search the pinnacle of personal and professional dreams.

 I also hope that MAIWAND though a relatively small institute, will nonetheless become a model university underpinned by noble values, excellent quality and global outlook.

I welcome students to MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies and wish them all best of luck.

Dr. Professor Mohib Ullah Mohib


MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies, Kabul, Afghanistan