Vice Chancellor’s Message

Higher education is the fundamental building block of any nation to establish an honorable position in the global competitive space. We feel very much dignified at our MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies deemed to be University to act as contributors to the sociology-economic transformation of our nation.

Our Institute is recognized in our country as a “socially-inclusive” institution of higher education. Since its inception in 2009, MAIWAND has been consistently attracting good students from all parts of Afghanistan. MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies offers dedicated educational services to all students, from all parts of Afghanistan, irrespective of their faith and tribe.

 Our continuous engagement in innovative teaching and research in emerging areas of Business Administration, Computer Science, Law and Political Science has yielded extraordinary result which is a true reflection of the uncompromising toil of our highly qualified and experienced faculty.

In order to accomplish our Vision and Mission, we are sincerely striving to establish our image of “student-centered institution”. By working closely with our students’ community, we are indeed proud to play a leadership role in stimulating innovative spirits, fostering inquisitiveness and enhancing independent thinking. We derive inspiration from government, society, and also from our students’ community to move faster towards rapid sociology-economic transformation.

We strongly value our collaborations with other educational institutes/universities in the region to develop an atmosphere of positive competition and work jointly to educate the assets of the nation.

Furthermore, education without borders is what we believe in and dedicated ourselves to. If you are adventurous, intellectually curious, and eager to spread your wings in this part of the world, we welcome your admission application and we will do all we can to offer you a whole new educational experience at MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies.

Dr. Muhammad Naeem Azimi

Vice Chancellor


MAIWAND Institute of Higher Studies, Kabul, Afghanistan